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Do you have questions about breastfeeding? 

     Your breastfeeding experience changes over time.  What was normal or expected can change at any time depending on your baby's age, stage of development, and growth needs.  These changes are normal and you can prepare for them by learning about breastfeeding and your baby.  It's hard enough to have a baby, you can't be expected to know all the answers concerning the baby!  I can help give you much needed insight how breastfeeding changes (some of it is predictable and some not so much) and how you can continue to be confident with breastfeeding.

     I offer a prenatal breastfeeding instruction, feeding assessments and preparing to return to employment consultation.   Please choose which ever would help you with your situation now.

     Consultations are reimbursed through many insurance programs and are HSA/FSA eligible.

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