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     My approach to helping families feed their baby is based on 30 years of experience and observation.  My diverse background consists of working in a community setting,  a private practice, Lactation Care located in Newton, MA (working with other lactation consultants) and now running my own in-home/virtual practice.  These different settings have given me insight for working with different cultures, traditions, socioeconomic, and professional statuses.  I am fascinated with how much I learn while I continue to work with families.  Each family is unique and I tailor my help based on this notion.  

      Breastfeeding and breastmilk continue to fascinate me to date. Studies continue to offer us new information about the unique ability of protecting moms and babies.   It is an incredible dynamic experience that encompasses anatomy, chemistry, sociology, psychology and physiology.  Breastfeeding is biological, babies and moms have the instinct to do it.  Sometimes this instinct is blurred and mothers may feel lost, confused or frustrated at any point of their journey.  There can be barriers to overcome when it comes to breastfeeding.  Such barriers could be tongue tie, food allergy, low milk supply, oversupply, medical issues (thyroid, diabetes, PCOS), back to work, bottle refusal, just to name a few!  These make your experience unique to you and your baby.  I believe that any mother would benefit from meeting with a lactation consultant.  

     I earned my IBCLC in 2000   My expertise includes one-on-one consultations for prenatal, breastfeeding, back to work, corporate lactation support, and bottle refusal.    I take pride in offering an evidence-based support by continuing to learn and stay up to date with the most current information and working closely with families and their medical providers.   This framework of compassionate care is tailored to each family.

     My personal breastfeeding experience includes breastfeeding both my children (one in college and the other one is going soon), each one different from the other.  

     In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, knitting and yoga.

     I am happy to travel and provide PROMPT service to many areas in MA, for example, the South Shore, Greater Boston, Metro West, Sudbury, Needham, Wellesley, Milton, Canton, Worcester, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut  (to name a few areas).  Traveling is a fun part of the job and not a barrier to the service!  I respond quickly and look forward to meeting you and discussing your breastfeeding goals.


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